Bio-Cellulose sheet material

A patented coconut jelly mask sheet using bio-engineering technology with naturally fermented coconut juice that is similar to the skin protein structure.



General cellulose

(Electric-microscopic view)

1. Outstanding absorptive power

    With a diameter of 100nm hyperfine net structure and 1/10 specific surface area of general cellulose,

    it provides a great attachable effect to the face and effectively delivers ingredients. High absorbency

    due to the nano structure of the fermented coconut material.


2. Durable moisturizing effect

    Contains 10 times more moisture than cotton or felt, which makes it possible to provide a lot of moisture and

    nutritious ingredients to the skin.

    Also the bio cellulose fibres are able to keep a large amount of liquid, of up to 100 times of their dry weight.


3. Hypo-allergenic material

    No side effect, even to sensitive skin, as it is made from 100% natural fabric. It also provides a soft feeling due to its

similar structure to skin protein.

    By its incredibly soft touch it gives a natural fresh and unique comfort to the skin.

Production Process

The Coconut juice is extracted

Coconut gel sheets are formed

Two kinds of strains are added

to the juice

Sheets are cut into mask shapes

Skin-friendly strains are cultured

The essence is filled into the mask


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